Empower then Keep Accountable

Published April 27, 2017

After you have empowered someone with responsibility within your organization, how do you keep them accountable for their task? What is the connection between empowerment and measuring results? Get backstage advice from Jossy Chacko at the 2016 Global Leadership Summit.

About the Speaker(s)
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Jossy Chacko

Founder & President


Founder & President of Empart, a global ministry that exists to ignite holistic community transformation among the needy communities in Asia. Empart’s goal is to see 100,000 communities transformed by 2030 and is well on target with 31,000 communities already reached. Giving leadership to a team of 9,000 and offices in 9 countries, Jossy travels around the world inspiring and challenging leaders to capture a larger God-size vision and do something much more significant. Jossy is married to Jenni and lives in Melbourne, Australia, with their 4 children and 2 dogs.

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