The Trouble with Our Busy Culture

Published September 25, 2017

Our time is under attack.

Meetings, emails and ever-present smartphones are gobbling it up. Innovation and creativity are withering before the false god of busyness. At home, families struggle to connect. Grown-ups multi-task in the evening, tied to the office by invisible ropes of worry and expectation.

This is the troubling portrait of the culture of insatiability.

This culture of insatiability has turned the average workday into a sprint of reactive activity, squeezing out the time to think. And when talented people don’t have time to think, business suffers.

When is the last time you caught someone thinking at your workplace?

WhiteSpace is the time for which you have no plans and no predetermined agenda. It is unconnected, open, flexible and fluid.

When the brain is supposedly at pause, MRI scans reveal amazing and complex activity within the default neural network. This type of activity has been linked to insight, introspection, memory and creativity.

WhiteSpace is not meditation. WhiteSpace is not mind wandering. WhiteSpace is not mindfulness. WhiteSpace is freedom for the mind. It is allowing your mind to explore and ponder and follow instinct.

Look at your calendar.  Could you use some time to focus on the big picture, where you’re going and what’s really important? Are there specific activities that take too much of your time and rob you of WhiteSpace?

For many of us, email has become a major source of frustration.

– We can feel out of control.

– We feel like our productivity has been robbed from us. 

– We’re always trying to reach “inbox zero.”

Watch the following message from Juliet Funt about how you can create WhiteSpace.

Juliet Funt - GLSnext - Creating WhiteSpace - The Global Leadership Summit 2017

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Juliet Funt

Juliet Funt


WhiteSpace at Work

Juliet Funt, a recognized consultant and speaker, founded WhiteSpace at Work with the mission to unearth the potential of companies by unburdening their talent. A warrior against reactive busyness, Funt teaches a streamlined method for personal process improvement that reduces complexity in the workplace. Teams that incorporate Whitespace mindsets and skill-sets increase creativity and engagement, reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.

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